All auctioned phones qualify the following 5 criteria, unless otherwise stated.

1.       Fully functional

2.       Comes with all the accessories

3.       PIN, passcode, Touch ID removed

4.       Signed out from iCloud (iOS) and google account (android)

5.       Data wiped

6.       Passed our 20 points check

The grading refers to the cosmetics of the phone, i.e. screen glass, bezel, housing and back panel, etc. The grading only serves as a quick reference for bidders, which is, by its nature, subjective to certain extent. Bidders are strongly encouraged to review the actual photos of phone and make your own judgement before bidding. We will not be liable for any losses incurred by you due to your reliance on the grading.


Grade A - Perfect cosmetics, no sign of use at all, almost like new

Grade B - Very good cosmetics, very light sign of use, perfect screen glass only hairline scratches on the housing or back panel

Grade C – Average wear, normal sign of use, visible scratches on the housing or back panel and/or hairline scratches on the screen glass

Grade D – Signs of heavy use, obvious scratches, small dents / chips and minor cracks which do not impact the viewing of the screen