Bidding Process


The bidding of each auctioned item starts immediately after it is being listed under LIVE LISTINGS section, ends at 5 PM next day. There is a countdown clock, in Hour:Minute:Second format, on each listing, showing the remaining time before the bidding ends.

Minimum Increment

The minimum bid increment is S$5. You are only allowed to submit a bid that is not less than the last bid plus the minimum increment, otherwise the system will prompt warning. The last bid is indicated on the listing.

Buy It Now

You can choose to use the "Buy It Now" function to buy the auctioned item right away, without going through the bidding process. By using "Buy It Now", you agree to pay the price indicated on the "Buy It Now" button.

One Bidding Chance

To avoid vicious competition between you and other bidders, each bidder is only allowed to submit one bid for each listing. Therefore you are advised to submit a truthful bid that you are willing to accept, otherwise you might not be able to win the auction if your bid is overtaken by the later bidders. However, you can still use the "Buy It Now" function to get the auction item, as long as the auction is not ended and no other bidder has used "Buy It Now" function.


The winning bidder for each listing will be notified within one hour of the auction ends.


Following is a flowchart to illustrate the bidding process to assist your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact us via email: