Packaging Tips


Step 1: Wrap the phone (or original box) in 2cm thickness of bubble wrap (or cumpled newspaper) to provide a protective cushion.

Step 2:  Find a cardboard/paper box [max. size: 42cm (w) x 10cm (h) x 61cm (d)] and layer the bottom of the box in 2 cm of bubble wrap or packaging chips as protective cushion.

Step 3: Place the phone in the middle of the box and leave some space on the side for the accessories. Fill in the remaining space around the box with packaging chips and ensure the phone cannot touch the inner walls of the box. 

Step 4: Take the available accessories and wrap it separately in bubble wrap and secure with packaging tape. Place it into the box beside the phone. Fill in with more packaging chips. Give it a shake, make everything inside the box is firm in place.

Step 5: Secure the box with plenty of packaging tape. Run three layers of tape down the main flaps of the box and then again in a cross pattern.